Porsche 997.1 Turbo (2007-2009) Aquamist HFS-3 methanol injection kit – wiring diagram


We have used methanol injection on almost all the platforms we’ve tuned since 2007 with great results. To do it properly one shouldn’t compromise and should use the highest quality injection kit with an appropriate turbine based flow sensor failsafe in place such as what comes in Aquamist’s HFS-3 and HFS-4 kits.

For those looking to install a methanol kit on their 997.1 Turbo we recommend going with the Aquamist HFS-3 kit and you can order it here.

Here’s a wiring diagram for the OEM DME harness. For any tuning related questions don’t hesitate to contact us at sales@protuningfreaks.com.

NOTE: If you’re wiring this kit into a harness that will use a standalone ECU such as an AEM Infinity make sure that during any firmware updates to the standalone ECU you physically [U]disconnect the power on your Aquamist controller[/U] prior to upgrading firmware. This is NOT required if using the OEM DME with a Cobb Accessport at any time. Leaving the meth kit plugged in, even with the gauge off, can/will cause the kit to spray at 100% duty as the firmware upgrade sends a signal on the wiring that simulates a 100% fuel injector duty cycle which can cause your motor to get hydrolocked with meth. Map switching, updates to calibration, etc will never trigger this issue. This only and specifically applies to firmware upgrades which are rare/infrequent.


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