VTT/PTF Stage 3 Tuning Update: 572WHP 537WTQ – ACN 91 Octane, no meth, no E85 – Early Dynos – BMW 335i


Sharing our early numbers on the Vargas Twin Turbo upgrade for the N54. This is a twin GTX2863R fully custom turbo kit at the moment getting tuned for the absolute lowest level of octane, California 91 (aka ACN or Arizona, California, Nevada 91 octane). Tony, the owner of Vargas Turbocharger Solutions, posted a review on the forums. This is our very first quick dyno session.

Tony was on the dyno in the car in California, we were remoted in for some quick e-tuning. Tuning platform used is COBB Tuning’s AccessPort calibrated with AccessTunerPro (ATP).

Needless to say we are VERY excited with these early pump gas numbers. LOTS more to follow especially with higher octane (93, 100+, E85 as well as meth/water injection).

==========Quote: Tony =================

Hey guys, we were finally able to get the dyno working right and managed to put down some pretty impressive numbers. The car did 571WHP / 533WTQ, backed up by a 572 WHP / 537 WTQ. 91 Octane ONLY / NO METH. This is on COBB flash only, and was tuned by ProTUNING Freaks (PTF). This is with only 3 map revisions on the dyno, that’s how close PTF was able to get me on on just street tuning using “whats app” and “dropbox” for file swapping, while the COBB AP made swapping maps and logging a breeze, never dealt with a more user friendly way to tune. If you had any previous doubts to the validity of remote or etunes. You can put them to rest. ProTUNING Freaks took a system that had never been run before, basically started from scratch without even seeing the car, and pulled that out of it. On whatever piss California is passing off as gas these days. Video is attached as well as an overlay of the graphs. We had a pesky Throttle correction down low that caused that small dip you see but its something easily tuned out on the street. We had limited time on the dyno so left it alone. Direct any tuning questions to PTF and I can field any of the hardware question. But you guys pretty much know what this kit is by now. For our first day on the dyno we are pretty happy. But there is much more tuning to be done. Not sure if this qualifies for the N54 TT world record on 91 or any fuel for that matter. If anyone has done better let me know. Again thank all you guys for the patience and support.

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